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Hermetizācijas lentas no Butyla un Alubutyl hermētiskai, drošai un ātrai savienojuma vietu hermetizācijai

Fabric butyl

Variously coated butyl, single-side adhesive.

Butyl Tape DS

Double-sided cold-self-adhesive, flexible butyl adhesive tape made of synthetic rubber.

Alubutyl Special

Alubutyl Special is an advanced development of our tried and trusted Alubutyl tapes.


utyl tape with an aluminium coloured PE foil, single sided adhesive.

Alubutyl FR

Butyl tape with aluminium coloured PE foil, one-sided self-adhesive, highly UV resistant and flame-retardant.


Multiprimer serves as a bonding agent for pre-treatment when processing Butyl- and Bitumen tapes.

Lead Butyl

Butyl tape with a vaporised aluminium, lead coloured PE foil, single sided adhesive.

Bituplast® Repair tapes

Bituplast®-repair tapes are bituminous sealing foils, which can be used without the aid of a propane gas flame or hot air.


Multiprimer for Spraying is a ready-to-use primer to improve adhesion to various conventional substrates, e. g. plaster, concrete, gas concrete, bricks, limestone, hard PVC and various sheet metals.