Jumtu hermetizēšanas sitēmas no BOSIG ir gan elpojošas, gan hermētiskas. Pieejami dažādi izmēi dažādiem risinājumeim

Aeroflex® 315

Aeroflex® 315 is a universally applicable ventilation strip for lasting ventilation and aeration of the ridge and hip region of pitched roofs.

Aeroflex® 200 es

Aeroflex® 200 es is a foil reinforced aluminium foil for all roof surfaces.


Aeroflex® 500 es with its special stitching and the new aluminium and plastic foil and welted edges offers the complete solution.

Profile fillers

Profile fillers of different materials and different contours. Thus you can purchase our profile fillers in Microlen-PE, EPDM, Basotect® and a whole range of other foam and insulating materials.

Aluflex® es

Aluflex® es is a self-adhesive sealing tape coated with Butyl on one side, made of profiled and foil-reinforced aluminium with preformed bending positions

Aluflex® Balustrade es

Aluflex® Balustrade es is your universal sealing tape for abutment joints in pitched roof areas and for penetrating vertical structures, e. g. chimney / wall and balustrade connections.

Rooflex® es

Special structuring, perfect appearance and excellent adaptability render Rooflex® es the perfect system sealing solution.


Kralloplast and Elastoflex are two ideal universal adhesive tapes for airtight sealing of vapour retardants and barriers around roof penetrations and skylights.

Nail sealing tape

ealing tape made of PE foam or butyl rubber for sealing nailed, tacked or screwed areas.