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Plātņu materiāli Phonoterm, uz kuriem var paļauties pat ļoti sarežģītos risinājumos, kur koks, plastikāts un metāls nav piemērots. 100% ūdens drošs risinājums

Phonotherm plātņu materiāli

Excellent properties for demanding users 

Sound insulation 

High compressive strength 

Free of formaldehydes 

CFC- and HCFC-free 

Biologically and ecologically harmless 

100% water-resistant 

Resistant to putrefaction and rotting Easy to work on with conventional woodworking machines Optimal insulating properties compared to other materials Resistant to acids and chemicals Breathable/water vapour permeable Available in various formats and thicknesses, as needed Production waste is recyclable High mechanical resilience Boards and formed parts may be coated without a problem